PACT is a successful home visitation program, unique in that it is designed to meet the needs of learning styles of families headed by parents with cognitive limitations and focuses on the parents rather than the children. The mission of PACT is to provide the needed services to enable parents to raise their children at home and to keep their family together.

PACT has served families in Dane County for over 20 years. It targets families with young children under the age of 5, but makes a long-term commitment to families and will provide support for them until the youngest child turns 18. Each year approximately 25 families are served by PACT. Parents know their children best and program staff attempt to build on the strengths of each family. It is a voluntary program and parents decide the type and level of services to be provided. Parents enrolled in the program receive visits in their home by a Family Support Specialist generally one time per week. Parents are asked to work on parenting skills and child development. All parents are invited to attend and participate in a monthly parent-run support group.

Other PACT services include finding, advocating and coordinating resources; providing intensive emotional support; facilitating the development of emotional relationships; providing parent training and education; intervening in crisis situations; and matching a parent with a parenting volunteer for support.

PACT families show improved parent-infant bonding, enhanced parenting skills and more consistent use of health care services. Armed with the information and support provided by PACT, families served are better able to be the best parents they can be and can more fully experience the joys and rewards of parenting.