The Exchange Center, established in 1984, is comprised of parenting support programs. Each program provides families with intensive, home-based support, parent information, and advocacy. We accomplish this by:

  1. Identifying and building on the strengths of each family;
  2. Providing staff and volunteer support to parents;
  3. Providing parents and volunteers with a variety of learning experiences including parenting skills development;
  4. Increasing the community’s understanding of the role it can play in strengthening families and preventing child abuse.

“Families are the critical element in the rearing of healthy, competent and caring children. However, families – all families – cannot perform this function as well as they might unless they are supported by a caring and strong community, for it is community (support) that provides the informal and formal supplements to families’ own resources.”
Carl J. Dunst

The Exchange Center is supported by:

The Evjue Foundation, Inc.